Apple Magic Mouse 2 Space Gray MRME2


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Apple Magic Mouse 2 Space Gray MRME2

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The Apple Magic Mouse 2 Space Gray MRME2 is a sleek and innovative wireless mouse designed specifically for use with Mac computers. Here’s more information about this particular model:


The Magic Mouse 2 features a striking Space Gray finish, giving it a sophisticated and modern appearance. Its sleek, slim profile is complemented by smooth lines and seamless curves, embodying Apple’s signature minimalist design aesthetic.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 Space Gray in UAE

Wireless Connectivity:

Like its predecessors, the Magic Mouse 2 utilizes Bluetooth technology to establish a wireless connection with your Mac computer. This wireless design eliminates the need for cumbersome cables and provides greater flexibility in positioning the mouse on your desk or workspace.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 Space Gray in UAE

Multi-Touch Surface:

One of the standout features of the Magic Mouse 2 is its multi-touch surface, which allows for intuitive gesture-based navigation. Users can perform a variety of actions, such as scrolling, swiping, and zooming, simply by using finger gestures on the mouse’s smooth surface. This feature enhances productivity and workflow efficiency, particularly for tasks such as web browsing, document navigation, and image editing.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 Space Gray in UAE

Rechargeable Battery:

Unlike traditional wireless mice that rely on disposable batteries, the Magic Mouse 2 is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery. This rechargeable design eliminates the hassle and expense of constantly replacing batteries and is more environmentally friendly. The mouse can be conveniently recharged using the included Lightning to USB cable, which plugs into the mouse’s port located on the underside.

Optical Tracking:

The Magic Mouse 2 features a high-performance optical tracking system that delivers precise and responsive cursor movement. Whether you’re navigating menus, selecting text, or editing photos, the mouse’s accurate tracking ensures smooth and consistent performance across various applications and surfaces.


The Magic Mouse 2 is specifically designed for use with Mac computers running macOS. It is compatible with a wide range of Mac models, including desktops like the iMac and Mac Mini, as well as laptops like the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Additionally, the mouse seamlessly integrates with macOS, providing native support for its advanced features and functionalities.


Users can customize and configure various aspects of the Magic Mouse 2’s behavior and functionality through the macOS System Preferences. This includes adjusting tracking speed, enabling or disabling gesture-based actions, and configuring button assignments to suit individual preferences and workflows.

Overall, the Apple Magic Mouse 2 Space Gray MRME2 combines elegant design, advanced technology, and intuitive functionality to provide an exceptional user experience for Mac users. Whether you’re working, browsing the web, or navigating creative projects, this wireless mouse offers precision, comfort, and convenience in a stylish package.






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