Micron MTA18ASF4G72AZ-2G6B1ZI 32GB UDIMM 288-Pin Memory Module


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Micron MTA18ASF4G72AZ-2G6B1ZI 32GB UDIMM 288-Pin Memory Module

Buy Micron MTA18ASF4G72AZ-2G6B1ZI 32GB UDIMM 288-Pin Memory Module from UAEDUBAI  with the best prices to get  Fast Delivery to Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, and Ras Al Khaimah.


The Micron MTA18ASF4G72AZ-2G6B1ZI is a 32GB UDIMM (Unbuffered Dual Inline Memory Module) that utilizes a 288-pin configuration. It is designed to enhance the performance of desktop computers that are compatible with UDIMM memory architecture. This memory module operates at a speed of 2666 MHz, which allows for efficient data processing and an improved computing experience. The module uses DDR4 technology, which is the fourth generation of double data rate memory technology, offering higher frequencies and greater bandwidth compared to previous DDR memory.


The Micron MTA18ASF4G72AZ-2G6B1ZI is designed to be compatible with systems that support 288-pin UDIMM slots and DDR4 technology. It’s important for users to verify their system’s motherboard specifications to ensure compatibility with this memory module.

Performance Features

Micron 32GB UDIMM 288-Pin Memory Module Price in UAE

This memory module is unbuffered, which means it does not contain a register between the DRAM modules and the system’s memory controller. This configuration can offer faster data transfer speeds and lower latency, which is beneficial for general computing and gaming.

Design and Build

The physical design of the module includes a standard DIMM layout with 288 pins, which is common for DDR4 UDIMMs. The module is built with high-quality memory chips and a robust PCB (Printed Circuit Board) to ensure durability and reliable performance.

Usage Scenarios

The Micron MTA18ASF4G72AZ-2G6B1ZI is suitable for various applications ranging from intensive computing tasks to everyday use. It is an ideal upgrade for users looking to enhance the multitasking capabilities of their desktop computers and those who require substantial memory for memory-intensive applications. For users looking to upgrade or replace their desktop computer’s memory, the Micron MTA18ASF4G72AZ-2G6B1ZI offers a substantial increase in memory capacity along with the benefits of DDR4 technology. Its compatibility with 288-pin UDIMM slots makes it a versatile and valuable addition to compatible systems.