Lenovo ThinkSystem 4XC7A08236 Broadcom 57416 10GBASE-T 2-port OCP Ethernet Adapter

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Lenovo ThinkSystem 4XC7A08236 Broadcom 57416 10GBASE-T 2-port OCP Ethernet Adapter

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The Lenovo ThinkSystem 4XC7A08236 Broadcom 57416 is a high-performance 10GBASE-T 2-port OCP Ethernet Adapter designed to enhance network connectivity and performance for enterprise data centers. This adapter is an integral part of Lenovo’s ThinkSystem portfolio, offering robust features that meet the demands of modern networking environments.

High-Speed Connectivity

The Broadcom 57416 adapter delivers exceptional 10Gbps Ethernet speeds, enabling rapid data transfer and improved network efficiency. With two ports, it provides the flexibility to manage multiple high-speed connections simultaneously, ensuring optimal performance for data-intensive applications.

OCP Form Factor

Designed in the Open Compute Project (OCP) form factor, the adapter ensures compatibility with a wide range of server chassis and configurations. This makes it a versatile choice for integrating into existing data center setups, facilitating easier upgrades and scalability.

Advanced Offload Capabilities

The Broadcom 57416 adapter supports advanced offloading techniques, such as TCP/IP checksum offload, Large Send Offload (LSO), and Receive Side Scaling (RSS). These offloading capabilities significantly reduce CPU overhead, freeing up resources for other critical tasks and enhancing overall system performance.

Compatibility and Integration

The Lenovo ThinkSystem 4XC7A08236 adapter is compatible with a wide range of Lenovo ThinkSystem servers, making it an excellent choice for enterprises looking to upgrade their network infrastructure. It integrates seamlessly with popular server models, ensuring a hassle-free installation process.

Operating System Support

This adapter supports multiple operating systems, including Windows Server, Linux distributions, and VMware ESXi. This broad OS compatibility ensures that the adapter can be deployed in diverse IT environments, catering to various enterprise needs.

Network Management Tools

Lenovo provides comprehensive network management tools and utilities to help administrators monitor and manage the adapter’s performance. These tools offer real-time insights into network activity, allowing for proactive troubleshooting and maintenance.

Performance Benefits

With 10Gbps connectivity, the adapter significantly enhances data throughput, enabling faster access to network resources and reducing latency. This is particularly beneficial for applications that require high bandwidth, such as virtualization, cloud computing, and large-scale data processing.

Improved Network Reliability

The dual-port design of the Broadcom 57416 adapter offers redundancy and failover capabilities, ensuring continuous network availability even in the event of a port failure. This redundancy is crucial for maintaining network reliability and minimizing downtime in mission-critical environments.


As data center demands grow, the need for scalable network solutions becomes paramount. The Lenovo ThinkSystem 4XC7A08236 adapter supports network scalability, allowing enterprises to expand their network capacity without significant infrastructure changes.

Data Centers

In data centers, where high-speed data transfer and low latency are critical, the Lenovo ThinkSystem 4XC7A08236 adapter provides the necessary bandwidth and performance. It supports virtualized environments, large-scale data processing, and storage area networks (SANs).

Enterprise Networks

For enterprise networks requiring robust and reliable connectivity, this adapter offers the performance needed to support a wide range of business applications. From high-speed file transfers to real-time communication, it ensures seamless network operations.

Cloud Computing

In cloud computing environments, where rapid data access and transfer are essential, the adapter enhances connectivity between cloud servers and storage systems. Its high-speed capabilities improve the efficiency of cloud-based applications and services.