Lenovo ThinkSystem 01CV840 – Emulex 16Gb Gen6 FC Dual-port HBA

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Lenovo ThinkSystem 01CV840 – Emulex 16Gb Gen6 FC Dual-port HBA

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The Lenovo ThinkSystem 01CV840 is a cutting-edge Emulex 16Gb Gen6 Fibre Channel (FC) Dual-port Host Bus Adapter (HBA). This HBA is designed to deliver high-performance connectivity for data-intensive enterprise applications, providing reliable and scalable storage networking solutions. The adapter is compatible with Lenovo ThinkSystem servers and is an ideal choice for enterprises seeking to optimize their storage area network (SAN) infrastructure.


The Emulex 16Gb Gen6 FC Dual-port HBA offers exceptional performance, supporting up to 16Gbps data transfer rates per port. This high-speed connectivity is essential for demanding applications such as database transactions, virtualization, and large-scale data analytics. The dual-port configuration ensures redundancy and load balancing, enhancing overall network efficiency and reliability.

Advanced Data Integrity

Data integrity is paramount in enterprise environments. The Lenovo ThinkSystem 01CV840 HBA includes advanced error detection and correction mechanisms to ensure data is accurately transmitted and received. Features such as cyclic redundancy check (CRC) and end-to-end data protection help prevent data corruption and maintain the integrity of critical information.


As businesses grow, so do their data storage needs. The Emulex 16Gb Gen6 FC Dual-port HBA supports scalability, allowing enterprises to expand their storage infrastructure seamlessly. The adapter is compatible with a wide range of storage devices and SANs, making it a versatile choice for diverse IT environments.


The Lenovo ThinkSystem 01CV840 is designed for seamless integration with Lenovo ThinkSystem servers. It is fully compatible with popular operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and VMware, ensuring broad interoperability and ease of deployment. This compatibility simplifies the process of integrating the HBA into existing IT infrastructures.

Emulex Dynamic Multi-core Architecture

The Emulex Dynamic Multi-core Architecture enables the HBA to allocate processing resources dynamically across multiple CPU cores. This architecture optimizes performance by balancing the workload across available cores, ensuring efficient utilization of processing power and minimizing bottlenecks.

Data Transfer Rates

The Lenovo ThinkSystem 01CV840 supports data transfer rates of up to 16Gbps per port. This high-speed connectivity is crucial for applications requiring fast data access and low latency. The adapter is also backward compatible with 8Gbps and 4Gbps Fibre Channel devices, providing flexibility in mixed-speed environments.

Lenovo ThinkSystem Quality

Lenovo ThinkSystem products are known for their reliability and quality. The 01CV840 HBA is no exception, featuring robust construction and high-quality components. Lenovo’s rigorous testing and quality assurance processes ensure that the adapter performs reliably in demanding enterprise environments.

Ports and Connectivity

The HBA features two Fibre Channel ports, each capable of 16Gbps data transfer. The dual-port design allows for redundant connections, enhancing fault tolerance and load balancing. This configuration is particularly beneficial for mission-critical applications where continuous data access is essential.