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Galaxy S22 Plus in UAE

After Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra during its Unpacked event in early March the FedEx package that contained the recently announced S22 Plus arrived at my home. Since since then I’ve been using it as my primary Android phone and replacing my Pixel 6 Pro or Galaxy Z Fold 3 as my preferred non-iPhone phone.

So far, there’s nothing to be unhappy about when it comes to the S22 Plus. I am very impressed with the style, the display is gorgeous as does the camera, which has captured some stunning photographs. Performance is great, except the intermittent scrolling issue that I’ll detail below.


After having the Galaxy S22 Ultra review unit I’ve come to the conclusion that, the S22 Plus is a great phone, unless you need the S Pen or absolutely need the most powerful S22 Samsung can offer The S22 Plus is more than enough for the majority of. If you’re interested in more details about the S22 Ultra the ZDNet’s Matthew Miller has been reviewing Samsung’s Note replacement since it was first announced. Additionally, it’s worth noting that I don’t have the original Galaxy S22 to compare the S22 Plus to, but they’re almost identical phones except for the overall design and charging speed.


It’s the same with both models. Galaxy S22 Plus and the smaller S22 are both based on the same design. It’s like an updated style of the iPhone5’s with flat edges across the four sides. The S22 Ultra’s display features curving edges on both sides of the display — a style I like since they make the device appear less bulky and more comfortable to hold. However, for the other models in the S22 range the edges of the display are flat. Before I got a review model in my hands I was unsure of how much the impact (if there was any) the display would have on the way I held the phone as well as managing it when single-hand usage is required.


Samsung has a variety of smartphones, including the A-series and S-series as well as the Note series, as well as brand new foldables.

I’ve not experienced any situation that made me think it was the S22 Plus is too big or unwieldy to handle. Of course, my principal phone is an iPhone 13 Pro Max or an Pixel 6 Pro , so I’m used to handling the size of a phone. If you choose to purchase the smaller S22 it’s likely you’ll love the style, too.

The S22 Ultra feels a little too large. It’s a bit taller and wider that it’s predecessor, the S22 Plus, making it difficult to maneuver.

The battery life has been perfect

After I read the specification sheet that indicated that the size of the battery of both the S22 plus S22 Plus had dropped 300mAh in each model, compared to last year’s S21 equivalent I was concerned about the battery’s performance in the S22 Plus. To clarify it is that the battery inside the S22 Plus is 4,500mAh (down from 4,800mAh) as well as that of the S22 comes with 3,700mAh (down from 4,500mAh).

I’m not able to confirm the performance of the regular S22 however I can say that using the S22 Plus has been fine. It has been able to get me through an average day that includes Slack, Discord, email, Twitter, Reddit, occasionally a YouTube video or two and a few texts.

If you’re worried about the battery’s smaller capacity leading to lower battery life, it hasn’t been my experiences to date.

The camera’s adjustments were the correct choice.

Simple photo of a vehicle in a local coffee house with the primary wide-angle camera of Galaxy S22 Plus. Galaxy S22 Plus.

Samsung has made a major change to the camera configuration for the 3 Galaxy S22 models, shifting the camera’s focus (pun in no way meant to be intended) off of the telephoto lens towards on the primary camera. Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Plus Galaxy S21 Plus has a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera, a 12-megapixel wide camera, and 64-megapixel camera for telephoto.

The S22 Plus has a 50-megapixel wide camera, 12-megapixel ultra-wide angle camera and an telephoto lens with 10 megapixels.

I don’t know how often I snap photos using an telephoto lens. I will tell you that I shoot photos with the camera that comes with every smartphone almost every day. I’ve never understood the focus that telephoto lenses have more megapixels. I’m happy to know it’s now the case that Samsung has changed their mind.

I’m still unable to try out the night photography capabilities for the S22 Plus quite yet (I’m currently in Colorado in the winter, where it’s been chilly and snowy) however, after going through my photos I’ve noticed that I don’t often shoot night-time shots. Although it’s anecdotal, I’m beginning to think about whether too much focus is placed on images of the night’s sky as well as in extremely dark places? Are people really interested in night-time photography, or is it just a similar camera feature similar to the space zoom? It’s fascinating to see it on the specs sheet and, in theory, it’s fantastic to be able to use, but in actual it’s not a big deal to me in any way. I’d love to hear readers’ opinions about this.

Performance is excellent, perhaps even outstanding However…

For the U.S., the entire S22 collection is running Qualcomm’s brand new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. In actual fact, Qualcomm used the same Snapdragon processor in its Tab S8 lineup as well. Its S22 Plus comes with 8GB of memory and the capacity of 256GB, with the basic model providing 128GB.

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been impressed by how well my Galaxy S22 Plus in almost every situation. However, two apps that I notice that the scrolling is stuttering. Twitter or Reddit. The more quickly your scrolling speed, the more severe the stuttering.

I initially thought it was something to have to do with its adaptive speed of refresh on the display, that can reach 120Hz, however the stuttering and the lag are not gone when I changed to the standard 60Hz refresh rate.

I’ve spoken to Samsung about the issue , and I’ve been told it’s most likely due to apps cause the issue, and not it’s own device. One of the first things I did upon setting up S22 Ultra S22 Ultra was check the Twitter app. Unfortunately it’s doing the exact similar thing.

A quick look on Twitter will reveal that others are having the same problem specifically on the Twitter application. It’s my hope that this is something that Samsung or Twitter will be able to find out and make an easy update to correct the issue. To be honest, I don’t notice the issue with scrolling with the Z Fold 3 or the Pixel 6 Pro.

I’m guessing it’s all software, and it will be corrected in a future release, though don’t anticipate that update to come out before phones start sending out messages to clients.

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